Peters Chevrolet Donation Supports OCMS School Store

Image depicting Peters Chevrolet Donation Supports OCMS School Store

Peters Chevrolet has generously donated to Ore City Middle School to help support the OCMS campus rewards store.

The donation supplements funding of the "Campus Live School Store" at OCMS. The school store program has been implemented this year and allows OCMS teachers to award students positive "points" for behavior that exemplifies OCMS core values. Students are able to track these points and use them in the school store, which includes items such as nice, quality pens and pencils, earbuds, gift cards to local restaurants, fidgets, OCMS attire, and more. As part of the program, grade-level points are also being accumulated throughout the year, and the grade with the most points at the end of the year will receive a special party.

OCMS has also planned an awards trip at the end of the year. Students are awarded points for attendance, grades, honor roll, etc. These points are tabulated and posted after each six weeks grading period. Students who earn enough points are taken on a special field trip to celebrate. In the past, students have enjoyed a special trip to Six Flags over Texas for the day.

OCMS is grateful and wishes to express our appreciation to Peters Chevrolet for their generosity toward our school store.