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Parent Notification and Personal Graduation Plan

Authorities: Texas Education Code 28.0212(a)(b)(d)(e(9), 28.022(a)(1)(2), (b)(1), (c)(1)(2); TEC 39.0241, 39.023(a)(c)(e)(1), 39.302, 39.303(a), 39.034 

Notice to Parents of Unsatisfactory Performance and Reports to Parents TEC 28.0022(a)(1-3)(b)(1)(c)(1-3);TEC 39.023(a)(C)(e)(0); 39.0241; 39.302; 39.303(a); 39.304 The board policy of a LEA must: 

• Provide for a conference between parents and teachers; 

Require the LEA, at least once every 12 weeks, to give written notice to a parent of a student's performance in each class or subject; and 

Require the LEA, at least once every three weeks, or during the fourth week of each nine-week grading period, to give written notice to a parent or legal guardian of the 

student's performance in a subject included in the foundation curriculum if the student's performance in the subject is consistently unsatisfactory, as determined by the LEA. 

The notice to parents of students with unsatisfactory performance must: 

• Provide for the signature of a student's parent, and; 

• Be returned to the district. 

The board policy regarding notice to parents of unsatisfactory performance does not apply to a student who: 

• Is 18 years of age or older and who is living in a different resident that the student's parents; . is married; or 

• Has had the disabilities of minority removed for general purposes. 

The LEA where the student attends must provide a record of the comparisons of annual improvement of student achievement from one school year to the next in a written notice to the student's parent or other person standing in parental relationship. 

For a student who failed to perform satisfactorily on a required state-mandated assessment, the LEA must include in the notice to the student's parent specific information relating to access to on-line educational resources at the appropriate assessment instrument content level, including released assessment instrument questions and answers. 

Personal Graduation Plan TEC 28.0212(a)(b)(1-4)(d)(e)1-2)(g)(1-2) A principal must designate a guidance counselor, teacher, or other appropriate individual to develop and administer a personal graduation plan for each student in a junior high, middle, or high school who requires a personal graduation plan. 

A personal graduation plan must be developed for each student who: 

Does not perform satisfactorily on a statewide assessment of academic skills; or 

• Is not likely to receive a high school diploma before the fifth school year following the student's 

enrollment in ninth grade, as determined by the LEA. 

A personal graduation plan must: 

• Identify educational goals for the student; 

Include diagnostic information, appropriate monitoring and intervention, and other evaluation strategies; Include an intensive program of instruction as described in the DIAGNOSIS AND PROGRAMS OF INSTRUCTION framework; Address participation of the student's parent or guardian, including consideration of the parent's or guardian's educational expectations for the student; Provide innovative methods to promote the student's advancement, including flexible scheduling, alternative learning environments, on-line instruction, and other interventions that are proven to accelerate the learning process and have been scientifically validated to 

improve learning and cognitive ability, and 

• Meet the standards established by the TEA. 

Each LEA is encouraged to establish for each student entering grade nine a personal graduation plan that identifies a course of study that: 

• Promotes college and workforce readiness; 

• Promotes career placement and advancement; and 

• Facilitates the student's transition from secondary to postsecondary education. 

LEA Specific Information: 

IEP progress reports are provided to parents according to the frequency set by the ARD committee. 

A copy of the Personal Graduation Plan will be provided to the ARD committee for review at the annual ARD. 

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