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Curriculum / Special Programs / Testing

District Curriculum

The curriculum is the foundation that supports the instruction in our schools. Teachers use the curriculum as a guide, or a road map, that tells them where they are headed throughout the school year. The curriculum does not change from classroom to classroom within a grade level, so it provides a consistency throughout the classes and across the grades. Although the curriculum is not negotiable, the methodology is. In other words, how the teacher teaches the curriculum will vary from classroom to classroom, but what is being taught should not.This ensures that all students will be taught the necessary knowledge and skills.

Students in Ore City I.S.D. receive a comprehensive basic education firmly established upon the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills ( TEKS ) through the use of the TEKS Resource System curriculum document. Classroom teachers utilize Ore City’s curriculum documents to plan their classroom lessons and work with specialists in the district and region to accommodate individual students’ needs. Language arts, reading, mathematics, science, social studies, health, physical education, art, music and computer literacy are the basic subjects taught to Ore City’s students.