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Ronnie Hinkle


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Ronnie Hinkle

US History

Welcome to Ore City High School, and more specifically,  “U.S. History”.  My name is Ronnie Hinkle, and I will be teaching this class.   This is my 36th year in education and my 6th year at Ore City. (1991-1994 and returned in 2016)    In 1994, I left O.C. and spent 22 years at White Oak, the first 4 years as a teacher and coach and the last 18 years as the middle school principal.   I had a wonderful experience at White Oak Middle School and, after 34 years in education, I retired in June, 2016. While I enjoyed my years as principal, I truly missed the classroom.  This was one of the reasons why I continued to teach classes on top of my other responsibilities as principal.   The personal interaction I had each year with the students in my class was what made my day.  I had always hoped that, if at some point and GOD was willing, HE would give me the opportunity to be able to get back into the classroom.   I am truly blessed to be able to be back at Ore City.   I thank the administration at OCISD with entrusting me with your kids.   We are going to have a GREAT year.   On a personal note, my wife and I just celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary.  Also, we have 3 daughters and sons in law and are the proud grandparents of 5 grandchildren. Again, thank you for this opportunity to share your kids with me and if I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me at