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High School News

The TSI (Texas Success Initiative) is the state test that students need to pass in order to be accepted to a college. Our college partner, Northeast Texas Community College, will be here this semester to give the exams for any student who wants to take dual credit courses. Before you take this test, you will have to do the required TSI Pre-Assessment Activity before NTCC comes to give you the test. When you have completed the activity, please print out the document needed to give to the NTCC representative when she is here to give the TSI test. The tests are 6 dollars each, but the reading and writing parts are taken together so a student will need 12 dollars total for the tests. If you want math, it will be an additional 6 dollars. Click here for information about the TSI test. Then click here for sample questions of the test that will help you prepare. Then click here for the link to the pre-assessment acitivity required; then click "Get Started" and use your social security number if you do not have an NTCC student ID. For complete directions, go to Ms. Dauster's cubbie holes and get the instructions. You must have the certificate when NTCC comes to give you the TSI test.

We have students who never settle -- not in the classroom, on the field, or in our community. These well-rounded seniors reach higher in every aspect of school and life. Now is your chance to give something back by making sure these students get the local, regional, and national recognition they deserve. Encourage them to apply for the Wendy High School Heisman award by October 2, 2015. They'll get a chance to be honored at the Heisman Trophy ceremony in New York City and our school can receive donations!.

NASA has now opened their aerospace  scholars program to any junior who is interested. It is an interactive, online learning experience highlighted by a six-day residential summer experience at NASA Johnson Space Center. You will explore math, science, engineering and computer science concepts with engineers and scientists at JSC at no cost to participants! If you are a junior in high school and interested in these areas and have internet access at home, please go to or call 281-483-4112 on how to fill out an application. It is possible to get a high school credit if you are chosen to participate.

Achieve Texas is the most complete and resourceful website ever offered to everyone for free! Interest Inventories are so numerous that you will most definitely find a career that you would like to pursue as well as the tools to help you get there and for free! If you have any questions on how to manage the website, please see Ms. Dauster.


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